How to apply for legal aid

You can’t apply for legal aid online.

You can apply for a legal aid lawyer to help you with a:

  • family,
  • criminal, or
  • immigration problem.

To apply for a legal aid lawyer or to get legal information or advice, you can:

  • contact a legal aid location,
  • call our call centre, or
  • come into a courthouse location.

Before you contact us, please read the information below.

If you’re an advocate or community worker, find out how to help your client apply for legal aid

Applying by phone

If your area doesn’t have a legal aid location or if you can’t get to the office, you can apply for legal representation over the phone by calling our province-wide call centre.

Please have all of your financial and court information handy when you phone (see below).

You will need to provide proof of the financial information you give by fax or by dropping it off later at the closest office.

Applying in person

To apply for a legal aid lawyer to represent you, it’s a good idea to phone your local legal aid location or check this website to find out the office hours.

Please bring all of your financial and court information when you come in (see below).

What information do I need to give when I apply?

You’ll need to provide proof of yourincome and assets in some, but not all, situations.

You might not need to provide proof if:

  • you face significant barriers to providing proof, such as homelessness or having no source of income, or
  • your most recent application for legal aid was approved in the last five years, and your financial circumstances have not changed.

Proof of your income can include one or more of the following:

  • two recent pay stubs,
  • a recent welfare stub, or
  • a recent income tax return or bank records (if you’re self-employed or seasonally employed).

You’ll also need to provide:

  • proof of the value of your assets, and
  • any papers you have about your case — such as court orders or papers related to your criminal charge.

To take your application, a staff person will ask you for complete and true information about:

  • your legal problem,
  • income,
  • savings, and
  • assets.

If you don’t have all the documents we need, we’ll tell you what to do next.