LABC Resources Readability

How much legal understanding is needed?

Level 1 — None needed.
No legal understanding required. Outline or “first step” information, written in clear language for those with no previous knowledge or experience with the law.
Level 2 — Some helpful.
Some understanding helpful but not essential. Offers all basic information on a topic, meant for those who are reasonably comfortable reading and who may have a general sense of some legal concepts.
Level 3 — Some needed.
Basic familiarity assumed. Detailed material, written primarily as a reference for the advocate/intermediary audience, although accessible to members of the public with adequate literacy skills.


Abuse & family violence

Child protection/removal

Crimes & offences


Families & children

Level 1

Is That Legal? -
Level 1

Housing & tenancy

Legal help & lawyers

Legal system & courts

Promotional materials

Refugees & immigrants

Separation & divorce

Welfare & benefits