Experts database updated

Need an expert and don’t know who to reach out to? Check out our experts database!
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The experts database is a helpful resource available to legal aid lawyers and accessible through the Lawyer Portal. We have updated this resource to ensure all contact information is up to date and accurate. On this database you will find mediators, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other experts. Use the Expert Search tool under “Resources” on the Lawyer Portal to access the database.

Once you have found the most appropriate expert for your case, please review the Disbursements Tariff to determine whether you need prior authorization. In most cases, Legal Aid BC requires prior authorization for any expert report and/or expert attendance. When submitting your authorization request through the Lawyer Portal, it is helpful to include:

  • The name of the expert and their area of expertise. 
  • A breakdown of the number of hours required.
  • Any information regarding how the expert will advance your client’s case.

If there is an expert you’d like to see added to our database or you’re having difficulty finding an expert for your case, please contact Lawyer Support at