New LABC bursary page

Legal Aid BC has a new online bursary program page — a centralized space for legal aid lawyers to view and apply for bursary opportunities.
Computer with bursaries on screen

The new page provides a complete list of courses currently offered, as well as an archive of past bursaries.

You will also find important course information including the course provider, date and time, duration and CPD credits, event format, area of law and eligibility requirements. Clicking the course name will direct you to the course provider’s event page. Here you’ll typically find a detailed agenda, course schedule and information on the presenters.

Lawyers seeking training in a particular area can filter courses by area of law. This function can refine the listings by one of LABC’s four core service areas: criminal, family, child protection, and immigration. Similarly, the filter can be used to view cultural competency or general legal training opportunities. 

Lawyers can easily apply for bursaries by using the Apply now form at the bottom of the page. It includes a comment and feedback section allowing applicants to submit questions or include additional information to support their application. Please report any issues with using the form to

You can access the bursary program page from the Lawyers section of the LABC website and a link will be added to the Lawyer Portal. Bookmark the new page and check back regularly to stay up to date with new bursary opportunities!

Is there a course that is not listed but would be a great resource for legal aid lawyers? Submit a detailed suggestion for consideration to