Lawyer Portal modernization

Legal Aid BC is “modernizing” the system used for the Lawyer Portal to better support lawyers who do legal aid work.
Person working at a computer

The platform used for the Lawyer Portal is outdated and requires an upgrade. The new system will also be moved to the cloud, instead of housed onsite in LABC servers, to create potential for future integration with the Court Services Digital Transformation project and improve system security and standardization.

The updated Lawyer Portal will include new authorization forms, an updated user interface, increased account security and more.

LABC is currently working with contractors to develop and test the new platform, and will collect feedback from the Association of Legal Aid Lawyers.

The project team is planning the initial platform release before the end of June 2022.

You will be notified about future training and project updates in the Legal Aid Brief newsletter.

Read the Lawyer Portal update FAQs on the Lawyer Portal under “How to use the Lawyer Portal” to learn more about the project.