Family Limited Representation Contracts trial period continues — with changes

We’re extending the trial period for Family Limited Representation Contracts into fiscal year 2021/2022 with some changes to clients’ eligibility and service stop dates.
Woman holding child

Financial eligibility

As outlined in Notice to Counsel 113, Family Limited Representation Contracts will follow the same financial eligibility guidelines as Family Standard Representation Contracts beginning April 1, 2021. We’re making this change because we have other legal advice services available to serve clients with higher income levels, and the pandemic continues to affect some clients’ ability to access in-person court services.

The limited representation service assists clients who may have some ability to represent themselves and could benefit from support, assistance, coaching and the continuity of a lawyer who can move things along or resolve some or all of a client’s family issues.

Service stop dates

All Family Limited Representation Contracts are now being issued with a service stop date of 120 days and a bill by date of 30 days. All active contracts with a service stop date of March 26, 2021, and less than 120 days from the service start date, have had their service stop date extended to 120 days.

The Family Tariff will be updated by April 1, 2021, to reflect these changes.