Reminder: Private billing needs LABC consent

Remember that private billing of legal aid clients is not allowed without LABC’s consent for any fees or disbursements.
Ringing bell

To stay up to date about rules around private billing, we encourage you to review the applicable section in the LABC Tariffs’ General Terms and Conditions, numbered 53-55, which includes the following information:

  • A tariff lawyer must not bill a client privately or accept funds from any source on behalf of a client on any matter related to the case specified in a representation contract without prior written authorization. To seek authorization, submit a CPR authorization request via the Lawyer Portal.
  • Tariff lawyers cannot privately bill clients retroactively for services provided under a legal aid representation contract.
  • With the client’s consent, a tariff lawyer may enter into a private retainer with the client to continue any further services if the client is deemed by LABC to be no longer eligible for legal aid.