Free webinar: The Trauma-Informed Approach

Join us on June 2, 12 pm – 1 pm, with presenter Dr. Lori Vitale Cox for a one-hour webinar on Zoom about the effects of trauma while you learn practical approaches for communicating with clients.
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The presentation will include a discussion about the effects of trauma, resilience and protective factors. It will introduce you to approaches for communicating with clients before and during court.

An understanding of the effects of adversity and trauma on an individual’s way of experiencing and responding to their environment can support you when assisting clients. Adopting a trauma-informed approach helps address the revolving door syndrome many individuals experience in the justice system.

Trauma affects mental and physical health, and individuals who have experienced trauma often have high levels of anxiety. This can negatively affect communication and behaviour. Many people who become involved with the criminal justice system have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences including family dysfunction and addictions, food insecurity, family separations, early life trauma and various forms of abuse. They often also experience social and economic adversity, housing challenges, homelessness and poverty. There is growing evidence that pre-natal and generational stressors can also affect an individual’s behaviour.

To register for the webinar, email An event link will be emailed to registrants before the event. Attending lawyers can claim one hour of CPD.