Lawyer Portal tip: Don’t forget to submit your authorization replies!

When you are replying to Legal Aid BC requests for more information on an authorization form in the Lawyer Portal, remember to click the “Submit” button.

Lawyer Services has found that some users are missing the submit step after entering a comment in reply to an LABC request for more information. This means that we don’t get alerted to your reply, which can result in your request being delayed. In order to avoid this, please ensure you use the “Submit” button at the bottom of the authorization form to return the form to LABC after you have entered your comment and/or attached a document to your request.  

Legal Aid BC is listening to your feedback and will be making updates to the portal, including improvements to the comments section of the authorization form.  

Please see the “Resources & News” tab at the top of the Lawyer Portal for quick and useful “how-to” videos on common portal functions, including how to reply to a request for more information on an authorization request. Lawyer Services will continue to add to these videos to support your transition to the new portal.  

Contact Lawyer Support at or 604-601-6155 to get help with the Lawyer Portal. Our Lawyer Support Representatives are happy to walk you through using the portal and answer any questions you may have.