New and existing resources: Lawyer Portal

Be sure to check the Lawyer Portal regularly as we continue to add materials and publications to support your practice, especially during the pandemic.

Look under the Resources tab and click on Resources for Lawyers. We’re also making changes to the layout of the web page to improve its usability. You’ll find the following resources, and more, in the Lawyer Portal:

General resources:

Under this heading, we’ve included a list of MS Teams links for Provincial Court appearances. You’ll also find a Best Practices in Virtual Hearings tip sheet, provided by the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch. These resources support lawyers in all areas of law.

Criminal law resources:

You’ll find information about LABC’s triage duty counsel model and supporting documents such as instructions, a client remand information form and a client application worksheet.

You can also initiate a legal aid application on behalf of your client by using the lawyer-initiated application form.

Family law resources:

With the input of experienced family duty counsel (FDC), judiciary and court services staff, we’ve compiled and added a list of tips to support FDC when appearing in court via MS Teams. Some of the tips will also be useful for any family counsel.

General information:

Also under the portal’s Resources tab, you’ll find general information such as What You Need to Know About Legal Aid Work, Mentoring Counsel, a list of LABC contacts for lawyers, fact sheets, and more. You’ll also find more LABC resources by area of law on the Resources for Lawyers page in the portal.