Repeat Violent Offending Intervention Initiative (ReVOII) reminder

Vancouver courthouse

The Repeat Violent Offending Intervention Initiative designates specific accused persons to receive dedicated services. This is a reminder to counsel that lawyers representing ReVOII clients are entitled to additional preparation on their contracts. 

ReVOII focuses on prioritizing public safety while also facilitating a person’s rehabilitation. Such cases will require additional time for defence counsel to review disclosure and prepare the file for bail and/​or sentencing. 

Given the additional time requirement, lawyers whose clients receive a ReVOII designation are encouraged to request additional preparation hours from LABC via an authorization request on the Lawyer Portal to compensate counsel for the increased efforts these files will require. Up to 10 hours will be routinely approved. 

We ask lawyers to indicate if the additional preparation is related to ReVOII in the authorization request so that we can monitor those requests and approve them on an expedited basis. LABC encourages counsel to advise us of any issues or concerns that arise from this new initiative. 

As we learn more, we will consider further adjustments as necessary to our policy and processes. 

ReVOII Fact Sheet