Immigration and refugee issues

If you are in BC, you can get a lawyer to represent you in your immigration law case if:

  • you are facing an immigration proceeding that may result in your removal from Canada, or
  • you wish to claim refugee status.

If you wish to claim refugee status and you qualify, you can get a lawyer to:

  • help you fill out forms
  • help you prepare for a refugee claim hearing
  • represent you at your hearing

Legal Aid BC immigration line

For more information or to apply for legal aid, call the Legal Aid BC immigration line:

604-601-6076 (Greater Vancouver), or
1-888-601-6076 (elsewhere in BC)

You do not need to have an appointment with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) before you contact Legal Aid BC.

You can also visit the office in Vancouver.

If you’re in detention, ask to speak to duty counsel or call the legal aid immigration line.