Legal Aid BC Can Help You

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Help people

What is legal aid?


  • Free publications in many languages
  • Information services in person and over the phone
  • Referrals to other services in your community
  • Online legal information and self-help resources


  • Duty counsel (lawyers) provide family, child protection, or criminal advice, and may be able to help at some types of court appearances
  • Family LawLINE provides free family and child protection advice over the phone from a family lawyer


  • A lawyer to take your case when you have a criminal, child protection, immigration or refugee, or serious family law issue

What help can I get?

It depends on your legal problem and your income.

Services available to:


  • Legal information
  • Criminal duty counsel
  • Limited family advice

People with low incomes

  • A lawyer to take your case
  • Family or child protection advice

Aboriginal people

  • Advocacy
  • Legal information
  • Family and criminal advice, if financially eligible

How can I find help?

Contact us to find out which services you qualify for.

To get some services, your legal problem must be covered under legal aid rules and you must meet financial guidelines. Contact your local legal aid location to find out which services you qualify for.

Services in many languages

  • an interpreter to translate for you when you apply or when you talk to your lawyer
  • translated publications available in print and online